Mosquito Death Squadron now on Bandcamp

I just uploaded Mosquito Death Squadron’s entire discography to Bandcamp so if you’re feeling adventurous don’t hesitate to jump over there and download all three albums FOR FREE!

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Sonic Circuits Benefit at the Fillmore!

Hi gang,

If you live in the DC area be sure to swing by the Fillmore this Thursday night to catch the Sonic Circuits/Pyramid Atlantic benefit concert.  Along with other great DC experimental acts, I’ll be performing with the Hawkins Mullinax Pirog trio.  Here’s the official write up:

Three luminaries of the DC alt-alt scene coalesce in one place at the same time to expand your minds’ ear:
Chester Hawkins: Blue Sausage Infant prime mover, purveyor of angry euphoria favoring the prepared observer.
Jason Mullinax: drummer/percussionist/sonic explorer and instigator-in-chief of the experience known as Pilesar.
Anthony Pirog: faceted multi-faceted axman, recording/touring guitarist with Jimmy Chamberlin’s Skysaw project, one half of the Janel and Anthony duo (, and one hundred percent his own man. Visiting means you’re late to the game already. What were you waiting for?


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Here’s Animal Wigs’ full set at the fourth installment of Sonic Circuits: Off the Grid mini festival. The idea behind the event is that the participants are only allowed to perform with acoustic and/or battery operated instruments.

Animal Wigs consists of a rotating cast of musicians that improvise around loose compositional structures. This piece starts with some handheld electronic devices and a mellow drone, segues into an energetic percussion feature with delayed muted trumpet and then ends with a crescendo of gongs and feedback using battery powered amps and baby monitors.

For more information on Sonic Circuits, please visit

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Off the Grid IV

Tonight in Silver Spring, MD.  Sonic Circuits: Off the Grid IV.  Come see what battery operated/acoustic experimental debauchery I have in store for you this time!!! 


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Lots of activity coming soon!

Hey gang!

I just got back from my tour with Blue Sausage Infant recently so now I’m ready to get to work on finishing up some of my recording projects and start working on new material for my next batch of shows this summer.  Please check out my Live Performances for upcoming events.

In addition to my new Stereo Space album and its companion release Stereo Outs (due out in July and August respectively) I’m currently working on a new series of albums that I’ll be releasing for FREE on Bandcamp, Internet Archives, etc over the next few months. It’s all instrumental music that I’ve done over the years that was inspired by obscure 60’s and 70’s incidental film and TV music. The series is called Underscores and you should expect the first volume in a few weeks. Most of this stuff has been released before in other formats but there will be a TON of archival material being released for the first time. I just have to finalize the art and finish compiling all the music. Stay tuned!

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Hello there!  My name is Jason Mullinax (aka Pilesar) and this is my new blog.  I’m still tweaking away at this thing but feel free to poke around.  Be sure to check out my links, show dates and join my mailing list!  I’ll hopefully have more content up soon so keep checking back for updates.


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