Back to the drawing board

Hey gang,

There’s been a lot of crazy stuff going on in my personal life lately so I haven’t had a chance to update this site in a little while.  I just realized that I never officially posted the link to my newest release, Stereo Outs, so here ya go:

Stereo Outs

It’s a FREE download so go snag it now.  I hope you enjoy it! 

In other news, I’ve decided to take the remainder of this year and part of early next year off from live performance so I can get back into the studio and focus on some long overdue experimenting and recording.  I’m also trying to reconfigure my live rig to make it more versatile and easier to manage.  The new solo set up might lend itself more to improvisation and abstract song writing but to counterbalance that I’m also going to be putting together a few groups to play some more composed material.  In other words, I’ve grown bored with the status quo and it’s time for me to doing some innovatin’!  Maybe I’ll get on the stage sometime in the spring but I’m planning on lurking in the shadows for the time being. 

Don’t expect a shortage of Pilesar related music however.  I’ve been busy writing new songs, developing new collaborations, preparing tons of archival material for release and making a lot of headway on my next full length album.  Even if I’m not playing live I’ll still be plenty active, so don’t fret!

Well, I’m off to rake the yard and run some errands.  Have a great week:)

Until next time……

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