A landslide of music!

Howdy Pardners!

I haven’t updated this blog in a while but I’ve got a ton of news to make up for it.  First of all, Stereo Outs is finally starting to wrap up and I plan to release it in a few weeks on Halloween.  Best part is, you’ll be able to download it for FREE off of my Bandcamp site.  OOOoooooo!!! Scary!!!  Speaking of free, I’m also making progress on my Underscores project and I’ve got a whole slew of other archival material in the works so there will be no shortage of Pilesar music going into 2013 and beyond.  Lucky you!

In addition to all the Pilesar shenanigans, my improv group, Catoctin, has been pretty busy as well.  We just played a successful set at the Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music this past September and we have plans to start recording an album in the upcoming months.  I’ll post some links to videos and tracks below to whet your appetite.  Hope you enjoy them!

Until next time…..

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