New Vids, Stereo Space & Stereo Outs

Howdy, howdy, howdy!

Well, I didn’t win the Deli Magazine’s Artist of the Month Poll but I’d still like to thank all of you who voted.  It was a nice bit of publicity regardless so I appreciate the effort.  Now, on to the news!

First of all, I just posted some vids on my Youtube Channel documenting a couple of my most recent shows (including a few songs from my CD release party earlier this month).  You can watch the playlist here.  Please subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see more of this type of thing.

Next up, Stereo Space is now available for digital download on CD Baby and iTunes as well as a TON of other online retail outlets.  Pick yourself up a copy today and if you already have the album, please take a moment to rate it or leave a review.  Remember, all feedback is welcome!

Finally, I’m in the middle of working on a companion album for Stereo Space which will be entitled Stereo Outs.  It’s a quirkier, slightly more experimental collection of outtakes, remixes and original tracks that I’ll be releasing for free download sometime this Fall.  I’ll post more details as it all comes together so stay tuned!

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